Arrington Outdoor now provides the latest and best technology for outdoor advertising in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area. To optimize this new area of advertising, we have invested in the best technology money can buy. This means 99.9% maximum uptime for our customers and exceptionally crisp, clean images that will absolutely grab the potential customer’s attention.

Digital advertisers have the ability to change their ad as their business changes. Flexibility is everything. You may be thinking “It’s too expensive.” We understand the communities we live in and have designed specific programs to fit most any business. No matter if your business is small, medium or large we have a program for you.

The Power of Digital Outdoor Advertising, Relevant and Timely

  • Display multiple advertisements that rotate each time
  • Countdown the days until a big sales event
  • Call to Action
  • Today only discounts
  • Quote of the week sponsored by your business
  • Specific ad or price point to drive traffic to tour business that day
  • Help wanted ads
  • Special events

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss a digital advertising plan that’s right for you. Give us a call today at (800) 500-6772